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Gail Sixsmith



Expressive Body

Physical Theatre



Movement Director

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An Artistic Journey

Expression, Body, Performance

Gail Sixsmith is a captivating performer who has won the hearts of audiences around the globe. After studying performance art, Gail has worked tirelessly to develop a unique style and technique which places the body centre stage and which draws on her visual arts heritage. Her wide ranging experience spans 30 years in the performing arts in a variety of artistic capacities. If you’d like to learn more about Gail's  inspiration, style & work, get in touch.

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"This performer only knows how to give one hundred percent in either rehearsal or performance: she dares any cast not to match her fierce commitment...

A slight bundle of energy, she dominates the stage with her extreme physicality and glinting eyes"

Paul Stebbings (Artistic Director of TNT)

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“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Gail Sixsmith Self Portrait
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Dark Matter
a story of Lady Macbeth

FILM - a twisted gothic visual poem featuring an original score by jazz composer Paul Flush

In shakespeare's infamous sleepwalking scene lady Macbeth wanders, disturbed in a surreal semi conscious state reliving fragments of her experience.

Dark Matter explores the inner landscape of this great villainess and her dark and tragic story. This vivid visual piece seeks to reveal the mayhem and intensity of an obsessive nature, where deep desires manifest as demonic forces drawing the lady on to her inevitable disintegration.

Get in touch for details.

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